Otherwhen - a little piece of a dream.

What the heck is Hostigos, Anyway?

Hostigos is the home of Lord Kalvan of OtherWhen.
Lord Kalvan is the central character in H. Beam Piper's novel "Lord Kalvan of OtherWhen".
The central theme of the novel is that one person can change history. Decisively, and for the better.
It is wrapped in a tale that all cyber-geeks can identify with. Calvin, a corporal in the Pennsylvania State Police, is pretty much at the end of his career.
He's young, and he likes his work, but he isn't going anywhere.
Until one day he gets sucked into a temporal transporter and dropped into an alternate reality.
One where he gets to fight the good fight, win the hand of the (beautiful) princess, get hailed as a savior, and eventually join the peerage.

It is not the best of novels, but it is a very enjoyable one, and one of my favorites.
And it is one I recommend to any science fiction fans who have not yet read it.

I like the novel enough that Kalvan was my IRC handle.
(There are way too many Mike's on the IRC. I have yet to see another Kalvan.)  For better or worse, I'm no longer active in IRC.
When it was time to choose a domain name, OtherWhen seemed logical.
If the estate of H. Beam Piper objects to my use of the name, I will be glad to change domain names.